Recovery Off Road High Farm Jack - 48inch / 60inch
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Size (L x W x H) 157 cm x 27 cm x 16 cm
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48" / 60" FARM JACK.
An essential item for all off road and 4wd travels.
Used to lift the vehicle generally when stuck in ruts or soft ground so a recovery track can be placed under the wheel.
If used to changed a tyre,ensure you attached the high lift to an approved jacking point on the vehicle.

Farm Jacks 1200mm (48") / 1350mm (60")
Extremely versatile tools for lifting, pushing, pulling or clamping
Will lift small buildings and vehicles etc.
Ideal for fencing work, stump removal, winching & tensioning

3000kg working load limit
Max. Raised height: 48" (1200mm)
Lift Range: 155-1070mm

3000kg working load limit
Max. Raised height: 60" (1350mm)
Lift Range: 155-1350mm

Safety Precautions
1.Be sure base of jack is on firm and level ground.
2.Be sure your jack will not slip after load is applied.
3.Be sure lifting arm is fully under load applied.
4.Be sure the load is stabilized before lifting so that it will not shift when lifting or lowering.
5.Do not work under vehicle after lifting unless you have jack stands supporting the vehicle.
6.Do not push load off the jack;Lower it carefully.
7.Do not use handle extensions.
8.Do not carry jack by handle