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  • Brand new and high quality, use in alloy material through special processing, make the file higher surface hardness.
  • Special processing technology on the surface of Files, make the File tooth more uniform, smooth, high quality.
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • Great for many hobbies and professional applications.
  • Small files are perfect for small and delicate applications
  • Used in fixing Wood Carving Craft Tool
  • Engineering principle design of PP + TPR material, more comfortable to use.
  • Cutting pipe for plumbing and electrical engineering, such as PVC pipe
  • Extra strong construction
  • Rust resistant chrome plated square tube stores extra blades
  • Rigid steel frame with moulded cushion grip handle
  • D-shape gaurd protects hand and knuckles
  • Hacksaws are more suitable for cutting thinner (Only for Wood) materials. It can be difficult to cut through very thick materials, and the blade may be damaged or broken.
  • Gun body of aluminum alloy material for high hardness and durable.
  • Light and handy, economic and environmental-friendly
  • Suitable for spray cars, machines, furniture, instruments, drawings, crafts and etc
  • A good general purpose spray gun, well balanced and with finely adjustable fluid and air controls
  • Locking cup and safety lever make this gun a good choice for a quality finish